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Leadenhall Consulting organises events on a regular basis to highlight strategic issues that affect our clients.

Whether a breakfast briefing, a conference or an HR Directors’ dinner, we enjoy creating opportunities for people to share ideas, network and hear what’s going on in other organisations and their industry. Ideas play a major part in helping our clients to be successful, and relationships and opportunities to meet and share knowledge and views is always valuable.

We encourage our clients and contacts to ‘get out and about’. There are powerful forces in organisations that incline us to be inward looking and present focused, which is why we offer people the opportunity to look outside of their business for new ideas, new approaches, and new solutions to challenges.

Leadenhall Consulting regularly provides free breakfast briefings with interesting speakers who are people with a passion for their subject. The topics are generally key strategic issues and are a great opportunity to meet with colleagues and build your network.

Our most recent breakfast event, on 11 June, was on the topic of Impostor Phenomenon and titled ‘Faking it or Fabulous? The workplace and leadership implications of the Impostor Phenomenon’.  Leadenhall Consulting collaborated with Dr Terri Simpkin and our Associate, Preeta Cooley, to bring a new perspective to light by offering an exploratory session that identified the foundations of the impostor phenomenon, highlighting how imposter behaviours impact on individuals and others in the workplace and what can be done in response.

Dr Terri Simpkin is the Managing Director of Mischief Engineering (UK and Aust) and a Visiting Fellow at Anglia Ruskin University. She has been investigating the impostor phenomenon and how it impacts on workplaces for nearly a decade.

Other recent breakfast events include sessions on Team Coaching – specifically the Patrick Lencioni model from his book ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’; the Controls Functions Leadership Framework developed by Leadenhall Consulting in partnership with Halsey Keetch; Functional vs Gender Diversity on Boards and The Psychology of Money with our associate, Professor Adrian Furnham.

Recent conferences


Leadenhall Consulting organises an annual conference as well as mini-conferences:

Sixth Annual Conference – 1 November 2018

Whatever happened to the High Performance Organisation?  A New Perspective

‘The only real difference between one organisation and another is the performance of its people’ Peter Drucker.  Leadenhall Consulting’s sixth annual conference focused on Performance and Motivation.  Attendees took away actionable ideas on how to focus their organisations on results including a technology solution that may address the current debate on how to make appraisal relevant.

The conference brought together speakers with very different backgrounds from business, sports and academia to share insights on the performance of people at an organisation, team and individual level.  The speakers included:

John Anderson who spent 20 years as the Performance Director for Team GBCanoeing during which time John led exceptionally talented Olympic and Paralympic athletes and coaches to achieve 16 Olympic and 5 Paralympic medals including five Gold medals at Rio 2016. He was also Chairman of the Team GB UK Performance Director’s Forum, that provided advice to government ministers and departments on high level policy for sport in the UK.

John was joined by Etienne Stott, who won a Gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics and spoke about how Team GB supported his individual journey to achieving his ambitions.  And Prof Adrian Furnham, world-renowned author, speaker and former Professor of Psychology at UCL, discussed the Myths of Motivation.


Past conferences

Fifth Annual Conference / 12 October 2017 / Technology + People + Psychology = Results

What does 21st Century Talent Development look like? How do you combine technology, the latest ideas in psychology with practical, business focused, commercially successful Talent Development.  The fifth annual Leadenhall Consulting conference looked at how to put practical applied psychology to work in effective solutions for businesses.

Fourth Annual Conference / 19 October 2016 / The Gender Pay Gap

The GPG Regulations were due to be in force by April 2017 with a mandatory requirement to publish the data by April 2018.  The fourth annual conference took a solutions based approach to measuring and responding to the Gender Pay Gap.

Third Annual Conference / 3 June 2015 / Culture: Revolution vs Evolution – which route to sustainable success?

Peter Drucker famously said ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’.  For all the emphasis put on strategy and plans, it is the culture of an organization that will determine whether it is successful.

Second Annual Conference / 22 May 2014 / A new Talent agenda for the City

The recovery from the financial crisis had seen renewed investment in the talent agenda with a greater emphasis on ROI and demonstration of effectiveness.

Speakers included Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology at UCL talking about his new book ‘High Potential’, written with Ian McRae and the research that underpins their insights.

Inaugural Conference / 16 May 2013 / The People Premium

A range of industry and academic speakers looked at different aspects of how the insurance industry can identify, develop and retain talent in a challenging and competitive market.

Networking events


It can be both lonely and busy at the top! We hold networking events to provide an environment for top HR professionals to hear about new ideas, share their views with their peers and get an opportunity to meet others in similar roles within their industry.

We recently invited a small group to the HR Guild Banquet held at the Mansion House. Leadenhall Consulting is a member of the HR Guild – a newly formed Guild with the purpose of bringing together individuals from the profession to support and promote activities within Human Capital Management and to contribute to the City and the wider community.

On another occasion we arranged, with our colleagues at City HR, a lunch for Insurance Sector HR Directors with Peter Cheese, CEO of the CIPD.

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