Control Functions Leadership Framework


Halsey Keetch and Leadenhall Consulting have collaborated on the development of a Control Functions Leadership Framework in response to the challenges faced by leaders of Control Functions. We see the challenges as follows:

  • A talent shortage caused by industry growth bringing increased complexity and regulation to financial organisations, products and services
  • Increased pressure from regulators dramatically changing and expanding governance roles
  • Control functions being relatively new professions in their modern, empowered guise. Executives face multiple demands to be ‘technical specialists’, ‘trusted advisors’, policing organisations and at the same time to be innovative and ‘commercially-minded’
  • An organisation-wide remit that covers culture, conduct, control frameworks, monitoring & systems, and requires strategic thinking, influencing skills and credibility
  • The increase in size and scope of teams increasing the need for strong leadership and management skills
  • High-quality talent that combines technical knowledge with essential people and business skills is scarce and in huge demand.
The Benefits of our Collaboration
  • Our collaboration brings together a specialist search firm with an innovative talent consultancy, at a critical point in the evolution of the financial industry’s Control functions.
  • Our collaboration fosters effective talent management by supporting internal and external leader acquisition and development.

Outcomes include

  • A deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced
  • Greater predictability of performance
  • More effective individual and team development
  • More successful senior recruitment activity to support business success


The Framework provides a model of leadership, which can be used to assess, develop and coach leaders in the Compliance, Risk, Audit and associated disciplines such as Financial Crime. More detailed descriptions of the leadership traits are available for two levels of leaders, senior-level and mid-level.

Clarify role requirements using the Framework


Shortlist candidates against requirements


Final candidates assessed using Hogan and the Framework, report compiled

Selection decision based on interviews and Executive Assessment report

The framework can be used for selection and development:

  • Clarifying critical role requirements for senior Control Function Leaders
  • Behavioural and competency interviewing during search / in role
  • Assessment of external candidates and internal talent, at the individual and team level
  • Linking to psychometric instruments, in particular the Hogan Assessment System, for increased accuracy of assessment and sophisticated development interventions
  • Development conversations with emerging talent and career development planning
  • Incorporated into the Leadership Development Review process or the team coaching programme

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