Assessment for Selection

Executive Assessment For Selection

Making significantly better selection decisions

The Leadenhall Consulting Executive Assessment is a rigorous approach to objectively evaluating both external and internal candidates in the context of a selection process for a specific, defined role.

The assessment makes use of the Hogan Assessment System combined with a structured interview. An Executive Assessment report provides an objective and robust set of data that facilitates significantly better selection decisions.

30-40%+ of senior hires fail within 18 months.*

The cost of a bad hire is widely estimated to be one year’s compensation.

*Right Management Consultants, 2005, Harvard Business Review, 2010

What if you could more accurately predict future performance?
  • Experience 0.18
  • Unstructured interview: 0.18
  • References 0.26
  • Biographical data: 0.35
  • Personality profile: 0:40
  • Structured Interview: 0.51
  • IQ test: 0.51

(A coefficient of 1.0 means perfect predictive validity, combining high validity assessment methods can achieve an accuracy of 0.6 Robertson & Smith, 2001)

The Hogan Assessment System is made up of the Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory which is a test of cognitive ability; and three reports that reveal a candidate’s identity and reputation. The Values report identifies key drivers or motivators; and the Potential report and Challenge report tell us how the candidate is perceived by others when at their best, and when under pressure and not able to easily control behaviour – behaviour that might derail them and get in the way of effective leadership and management.

Clarify role requirements

Shortlist candidates against requirements

Final candidates assessed using Hogan and Executive Assessment Report compiled

Selection decision based on interviews and Executive Assessment report

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Registered Office Leadenhall Consulting Kingsridge House 601 London Road Westcliff-on-Sea Essex SS0 9PE