Control Functions Leadership Practice

Control Functions Leadership Framework

We have assembled a team of coaches and leadership development professionals to specifically support the Control Functions by which we mean Risk, Compliance, Audit, Financial Crime and other specialists in Finance and Legal that work in this area.  We work with heads of function at group and divisional level, their teams and emerging leadership talent within their organisation.  Our approach is based on our own Control Functions Leadership Framework.

The success of the Control Functions is not driven by technical competence and knowledge.  Technical competence and technical knowledge are the ‘entry ticket’ to the game.  The real differentiator of world class Control Functions is leadership, commercial acumen and people skill.  We work with leaders and senior professionals to develop their leadership capability, enhance their team’s performance and develop the future leaders and talent in their function.

In 2017 we asked the question ‘what makes a great leader in control functions?’ We conducted research including conversations with leaders across risk, compliance, audit and legal and surveys of professionals for their perspectives.

We have shared our ideas with leaders in asset management, insurance, banking and regulators and received very positive feedback on our approach.  At a high level the model looks like this:

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Our Specialists

Liz leads the coaching practice and coaches senior leaders and executive teams often using Lencioni’s Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team.

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Alison is a qualified accountant, internal auditor to director level, senior consultant and a coach.

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Gary Storer

Gary coaches executives in many sectors with particular expertise in working with leaders and managers in regulated organisations with the unique challenges this poses.

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Founder of Leadenhall Consulting, Chris leads on HR consulting assignments, 1:1 coaching of senior leaders and team coaching at Board level.

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The pressing need to address leadership development in the Control Functions has been the result of:

  • A talent shortage caused by industry growth bringing increased complexity and regulation to financial organisations, products and services
  • Increased pressure from regulators dramatically changing and expanding Control Function roles
  • Control Functions being relatively new professions in their modern, empowered guise. Executives face multiple demands to be ‘technical specialists’, ‘trusted advisors’, policing organisations and at the same time to be innovative and ‘commercially-minded’



  • An organisation-wide remit that covers culture, conduct, control frameworks, monitoring & systems, and requires strategic thinking, influencing skills and credibility
  • The increase in size and scope of teams increasing the need for strong leadership and management skills
  • High-quality talent that combines technical knowledge with essential people and business skills is scarce and in huge demand.

Our Coaching Approach

We have developed a coaching programme which is specifically designed to meet the needs of leaders and their teams in the control functions.  The programme often commences with the use of a diagnostic tool (such as the Hogan personality questionnaire and/or a 360 feedback survey) linked to the leadership framework.  This enables the leader to see their profile mapped against the framework – effectively holding up the mirror.  This is used to inform the subsequent coaching meetings which are built around the four quadrants of the model (tailored for the individual). This approach is effective for senior and emerging leaders.

Our Leadership Development Approach


We work with Control Function leaders to develop a strategy to develop leadership capability within the function.  This is likely to include assessment of talent within the organisation, enhancing team performance and providing leadership development to experienced and emerging leaders.

Using the framework and tools like the Hogan Suite we can:

  • Enhance the succession planning process
  • Work with the leadership team to enhance their performance
  • Develop management development programmes that are designed for Control Functions professionals
  • Develop and assess internal talent and partner with them on their development
  • Assess external candidates with greater objectivity
  • Enhance the onboarding experience based on the information gained at the recruitment stage
  • Work with emerging talent by providing a template for their development as professionals and leaders in addition to the technical knowledge that they need to acquire
Clarify role requirements using the Framework
Shortlist candidates against requirements
Final candidates assessed using Hogan and the Framework, report compiled
Selection decision based on interviews and Executive Assessment report

The framework can be used for selection and development:

  • Clarifying critical role requirements for senior Control Function Leaders
  • Behavioural and competency interviewing during search / in role
  • Assessment of external candidates and internal talent, at the individual and team level
  • Linking to psychometric instruments, in particular the Hogan Assessment System, for increased accuracy of assessment and sophisticated development interventions
  • Development conversations with emerging talent and career development planning
  • Incorporated into the Leadership Development Review process or the team coaching programme

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