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Our mantra of people, performance and results is at the heart of our consulting practice. We provide high quality solutions, which make a real and practical difference to business performance and results.

We work at both the strategic and the practical level ensuring joined up thinking between the business strategy, the people strategy and the various disciplines in the HR team – from compensation through talent acquisition to talent development.  The compensation programmes should not be pulling in the opposite direction to the leadership development initiatives or the new culture to which the organisation aspires.  Too often problems are solved in isolation creating a patchwork of unrelated programmes and policies.  We look to integrate the HR strategy into the Business Strategy and integrate individual people projects and policies into HR Strategy.

Our practice provides services in four key areas:

Our Track Record

Since our founding in 2011 we have worked with a range of clients in a range of sectors in the UK and internationally including financial services, corporates and public sector organisations.  Our management consulting work has included culture change projects, facilitating business strategy development, supporting mergers including TUPE and union negotiations.  With businesses and HR leaders we have worked on developing and implementing an HR Strategy, introducing performance management processes, developing and introducing compensation plans, running employee surveys, and


establishment of company-wide leadership programmes.  We have also brought our experience to those looking to outsource HR and through audits of HR practices and governance.

Our consultants are seasoned professionals who have operated at Director level within organisations.  We undertake the work and do not hand off assignments to more junior or less experienced staff.

Case Studies


Pension Fund (UK)

We worked with a major pensions organisation on the acquisition of a pensions administration operation.  We worked on the acquisition and transfer (including TUPE) and the post acquisition HR strategy and its implementation.  This included reviewing compensation, the grading structure, communications, performance management, workforce planning and culture change.  We undertook an employee survey on acquisition and re-ran the survey after one year.  The results were outstanding with improvements ratings for quality of recruitment (up by 103% year on year), ability to retain (up by over 300% year on year), paid competitively (up 66%), performance appraisal well handled (up 80%), staff respected (up 61%).

Public Sector Organisation (UK Urban Regeneration)

The CEO of a major public sector body formed from merging four previous bodies asked us to help them build one culture, one leadership team and enhance their performance management approach.  We ran surveys and workshops to engage with the employees and shared the feedback with the Executive Team (which we were coaching in support of the transformation).  We worked with the Executive Team to clarify the purpose, values and aspirational culture for the organisation, which had a significant transformation agenda.  The performance management process was designed to support the one organisation culture.

Wealth Management Organisation

A global wealth manager needed to increase revenues generated per client advisor to fund its growth ambitions.  We conducted a competency-based assessment of the existing advisor population to determine the characteristics of successful producers.  Upon identifying that numeracy and negotiating skills were the leading predictors of revenue production, we implemented a competency-based selection process to ensure only those individuals with adequate quantitative skills were hired.  For existing employees with adequate numeracy, we delivered a two-day sales and negotiations course.  Revenues increased by $300k per participant in the 12 months following this course as compared to those who did not attend.  Piloted in Europe, these selection and skill-building tools were eventually rolled-out globally.

Private Equity Investment Group

A group of PE investors wanted to prepare for eventual public offerings of shares in the holding company entity as well as the spin-off of some of its individual companies.  We worked to create a multi-year performance plan with shared targets between the holding company executives and the management teams of each operating company.  Based on attainment of cash flow and asset growth targets, participants were awarded performance units that were convertible to equity at the time of an IPO.  The plan created a shared set of objectives between the PE investors and the managers responsible for delivering results.  In addition, the performance units were structured to minimise tax liability until the eventual sale of shares by participants.

Sovereign Wealth Fund (Middle East)

A sovereign wealth fund in the Middle East wanted a review/audit of its compensation approaches across equities, fixed income and real estate investment functions.  We partnered with the internal audit team to provide a comprehensive review of their compensation programmes from plan design, effectiveness and market competitiveness perspectives.

US Asset Management (West Coast)

A specialist US asset managed based on the West Coast was looking to embark on a new strategy which would involve both organic growth and potential merger/acquisitions was looking to review the implications from a people dimension.  We worked with the Chief People Officer on linking the people strategy to this new direction assessing the current culture, management experience and capability vs the capabilities required to be successful in managing an enlarged business (potentially tripling the size of the business in a short time frame).  The strategic thinking was incorporated into the Chief People Officer’s advice to the Board and Executive Team.

Universal Banking Group

A CFO client needed accurate core HR data on staff working in 17 key centres around the world.  Lacking a Global HR Information System and without a budget or time to implement a company-wide HRIT solution, we worked to establish a core data standard that simplified sharing of key information across the organisation.  Within 90 days, a global reporting pack was created providing monthly data on people costs, turnover, performance and key metrics used to drive group-wide decisions.  While a quick win, this data standard provided the foundation structure for the eventual migration to a single HR system two years following this effort.

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