Process, Technology and Systems

Today many organisations are moving HR technology to the cloud.  Unfortunately, without a thoughtful, data-entered approach, the new HR system will not yield the benefits promised in the business case.  We can work with your HR and IT team to ensure:

  • Investment in new systems deliver improved data quality and analytics
  • HR processes are integrated to eliminate duplicative efforts and aligned to business direction
  • Administrative tasks are structured to facilitate offshoring/outsourcing, while critical HR management processes are owned by the business
  • Data is maintained in a manner that provides the business maximum flexibility in terms of future needs while minimising dependency on any specific cloud provider.

At Leadenhall, we can work with your Business, HR and IT leadership to identify the real problems to be addressed with process and technology investments.  We believe a systems implementation is an ideal time to improve HR process and data quality, but simply moving to a new system is no guarantee of success if the fundamental business priorities are not addressed at the same time.