Strategy and People Risk

The business strategy and people strategy should be fully integrated.  The business strategy will have a people dimension and the people practices and processes need to keep pace and to support it.  We will review how well your Business and People strategies align and identify areas of specific People Risk, including:

  • Does your culture support or oppose your strategic ambitions?
  • Does your approach to performance management link directly to the business-level results required to achieve your strategy?  Is there a clear line of sight?
  • Is your HR technology integrated into your broader IT strategy and supporting and enabling your business and people strategy
  • Are the skills and capability required to deliver strategy available internally and, if not, how will they be built in the organisation?
  • Have organisation structures evolved to better support the strategy, or are ‘legacy’ issues creating people and performance risk?
  • Are your HR processes and organisation aligned to deliver the new strategy or do they find themselves focused on administrative concerns?
  • Does your HR team focus on business issues or do they remain mired in administrative concerns?
  • What risks are the business exposed to through the people, their capabilities, the people practices and HR Information Systems.

At Leadenhall, we can work with you to ensure your People Strategy is fit for purpose and meets the current and future needs of the business.