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How do you get the balance of hiring new people into the organisation and developing the existing talent up through the business? How do you assess internal talent vs the market? How do you ensure your executive team is working effectively together? How can you provide cost effective management development programmes for new managers?

Leadenhall Consulting has brought together an extremely experienced and diverse team of professionals that can deliver high quality talent solutions for organisations in the private, public and third sectors. Our team includes top international HR professionals, business leaders, a leading Professor and Author, and a former Team GB Performance Director. We are therefore able to match our talent with your organisation to deliver outstanding talent development and management.  Below are the aspects of a talent strategy that we can support and deliver.

A Talent Partner provides account management of the contract and services

Talent Strategy

Purpose, Values and Vision
Employment Engagement Surveys
Diversity and Inclusion


Leadership Frameworks
Leadership Development
360 degree and Psychometric Feedback


Career Transition

Assessing Leaders

Internal Candidates
External Candidates



Management Development
First-time Manager
Key Skills


Team Coaching

Performance Management

Design Solution
Implement System
Provide Performance Training

The Talent Management Team provides high quality but cost effective talent management services to our clients. Firms without a talent specialist can gain access to the quality of support that large corporates enjoy, and experienced HR and Talent Managers can use our services ‘on demand’ in an agile way to respond quickly to business needs. We will be your ‘in-house’ but ‘outsourced’ talent team.

While we have products and services to meet most organisation’s needs, we are able to adapt and tailor our services to meet the specific needs of the client.

By buying Talent management services on a renewable annual contract cashflow can be managed more effectively and costs and project management kept under control.

Example of bespoke £4k per month contract (£48k annual)
Overseen by Talent Partner

4 Leader Development Reviews

(internal assessment and coaching process)

20 Coaching hours

(two coaches identified for your organisation)

Management programme
10 half day classes

(select from 20+ masterclasses)

Assess 4 external candidates using hogan

(use psychometrics to assess shortlisted candidates)

Facilitate 1 x 1 day offsite

(Executive Team needs facilitated offsite)

In practice our Talent Partner, your account manager, will work with you up front to design your annual programme (with flexibility to add or change the plan during the year) and project manage it’s delivery. Your Talent Partner may be a coach or deliver some of the programmes but will identify with you one or two coaches and colleagues from Leadenhall Consulting who will help deliver the annual Talent Plan.

Each year we would undertake an annual review with you to review our performance and plan for ongoing talent needs.

Talent Partner works with client to identify needs in short, medium and long term
Annual Talent Plan established for core services with delivery timetable. Talent Partner manages implementation
Services delivered e.g management development programme, offsite facilitation, coaching assignment. Client receives Quarterly Status Reports
Draw down of additional one off services as needed (e.g. assessing candidates for ‘C’ Suite role)

If you are interested in exploring how Leadenhall Consulting’s Talent Management Team can meet your Talent needs contact Chris Woodman at chriswoodman@nullleadenhallconsulting.com

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Registered Office Leadenhall Consulting Kingsridge House 601 London Road Westcliff-on-Sea Essex SS0 9PE