Many businesses today speak of a need for Transformation.  Transformation is more than a change management exercise, it is a reimagining of the business from its purpose, mission, values and culture and how it does business from end to end.  And involving people from the beginning to the end of the journey.

Driven by changes in the competitive landscape, availability of new technology, merger/acquisition/IPOs, societal change (think diversity and inclusion) leaders often look to HR to help drive the required changes.  At Leadenhall, we have extensive experience in working with organisations that need to:

  • Develop a plan for how changes in structure and technology can be supported through changes to HR practices and processes, and assist in that implementation
  • Integrate new acquisitions in a manner that builds a single team operating more efficiently than in the past
  • Prepare for an IPO that addresses the key issues that changes in compensation and public scrutiny require to internal governance and process
  • Help leaders and HR staff develop a transformation skill set so the ability to deliver impactful change is a part of your business capability set

At Leadenhall, we believe that successful businesses will embrace the process of transformation as an essential management skill set.  We see each specific transformation event as an opportunity to work with our clients to make the ability to transform a key capability.