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Unlocking potential and maximising performance. It’s at the heart of everything we do - supporting, challenging and encouraging. We create positive change whether through individuals, teams and organisations.

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Leadership Development

We provide both horizontal (skills and capabilities) and vertical (mindset) leadership development. We adapt our programmes to clients’ needs and build bespoke solutions. We look to include coaching to our programmes to enable participants to reinforce learning. We provide assessment and development services using a range of psychometrics and 360 instruments including our tried and tested ‘Leadership Development Review’.

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Coaching on Demand

Our very own digital coaching delivery platform. It was designed, developed and built by us to deliver high quality coaching programmes for business. We invested our lifetime of experience as buyers of coaching, coaches and being coached to build an intuitive coaching platform that is easy to use.

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Welcome to Leadenhall

Founded in 2011, Leadenhall is a global Coaching and Leadership Development practice for the 21st Century. We combine high quality people with the benefits of technology to create value.

The world of coaching and leadership development is undergoing a radical transformation driven by technology, growth in the supply of coaches and demand for coaching to be available to a broader range of employees. Some talk aspirationally about the democratisation of coaching, some cynically refer to the commoditisation of coaching, we are clear, we will not sacrifice quality for scale.

Our purpose is to provide great coaching for people at all levels in an organisation by finding the right solution for their coaching needs. We are a coaching and leadership development practice, first and foremost, underpinned by technology but not driven by it. Coaching on Demand, our proprietary platform has the same experienced, high quality coaches that deliver our full service face to face coaching, but at a different price point.

An International Coaching Community

In the past we were asked, do you have a coach in a particular city. With the changes in technology and people working in the office and at home, we can provide high quality coaching for every time zone with coaches of different nationalities, different languages and diverse backgrounds and experience. Our community work together collaboratively to provide solutions to international coaching projects.

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