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Coaching has come a long way in recent years. Back in the 90’s, if you were recommended by your organisation to work with a coach it was because something was ‘wrong’. Today people are approaching their company asking for a coach because they want to develop and fulfil their potential. With new technology, great coaching is no longer reserved for the few, it is available to the many.

At Leadenhall we have been at the forefront of developing our profession and provide coaching for individuals, for teams and we help organisations create cultures built on coaching principles.  Listening, inquiry, trust, support, psychological safety and innovation.

People own their development, their careers and their lives.  They make choices and decisions and are accountable. We help people by creating a space for them to make informed choices and decisions based on insights, reflections and feedback.

We offer coaching in many ways. The traditional face to face coaching assignments on which has served people well for many years but also via our proprietary platform, Coaching on Demand. We work with groups, sharing insights through facilitation and coaching techniques. We work with teams at all levels in the organisation. We offer specialisms such as Parental Transition, Women in Leadership, NED and Wellbeing Coaching where there are well developed programmes to support the programme.

We just don’t coach, we teach people to coach or use coaching techniques. Employees, managers, leaders, teams and organisations can all benefit from building high performance cultures based on listening, questioning, supporting and increasing trust.

Leadenhall works with individuals and teams to rise to the challenges with which they are faced, to achieve high levels of performance and to deliver results.

Executive / Individual Coaching

This is one-to-one coaching of employees at all levels in leadership roles.

The level of coach, additional services, assessment and management depend on the level of the leader and the needs of the client.

Our 1-1 coaching is at the heart of everything we do and with the amazing team of highly experienced and skilled coaches we can deliver coaching to fit all leaderships levels, needs and organisations.

Team Coaching

Our coaches are experienced experts at coaching teams and groups, all programmes are customised to the needs of the client.

We coach teams over different time frames from short boot-camp type to courses over a 9 to 12-month period. Longer programmes enable the team to embed effective team working behaviours that are sustained in the long term.  Our approach is directed by the team model described by Patrick Lencioni in his best-selling book ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’.  However, there are many team models and approaches for building a high-performing team and we use the best one to achieve the team’s objectives.

We offer Team Facilitation for one-off events such as leadership team offsites, Board development days, strategy planning sessions, etc.

The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

High performing teams are critical to achievement of business goals but are rarely found. Whether it is the board, the executive committee, the leadership team of a division or function or a team of specialists, a team needs to be more than the sum of its parts for the delivery of outstanding results. Our coaches work with leaders to maximise the performance of their team with a focus on team dynamics and the development and delivery of goals.

The Team Coaching Programme is a tried and tested, highly practical approach to working with leaders and their teams to move a team from individual-first working to a collaborative team-first approach that delivers improved performance, delivery and results… on a sustained basis.

Creating a Coaching Culture

A coaching culture is an environment where employees feel supported in learning and applying their skills, becoming greater assets to the organisation. It includes proper training, feedback, and communication of opportunities, and when done right, it produces an energised, engaged workforce.

Here at Leadenhall, we have been working with companies for many years helping them to find effective solutions to developing, implementing and maintaining the fundamentals of coaching in their teams, management and leadership.

Recently with the emergence of virtual coaching and the range of digital platforms available, coaching has become more accessible to a wider range of employees at all levels.

We believe passionately in the fantastic ability of coaching to realise the potential of individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole. Our solutions will help your organisation measurably benefit from installing a coaching culture and work with you to ensure its adoption and enduring permanence.

  • increases engagement
  • develops people and performance
  • improves creativity and agility
  • raises responsibility in employees
  • develops change management capabilities