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About Leadenhall

Founded in 2011, Leadenhall’s origins are in the City of London, the name drawn from the market of the same name at the heart of the City.

We built a reputation as a high-quality executive coaching and leadership development practice initially with financial service firms. Over the last decade we have established a global coaching and leadership development practice which services firms across multiple sectors.

We are led by people who held senior leadership roles at organisations such as Fidelity International, Nomura, COLT Telecom, Aspen Insurance and JP Morgan and have been involved in investing in coaching and leadership development for over thirty years. Two of our directors continue to coach spend time working closely with the Leadenhall Coaching Community to build a strong ‘values driven’ coaching and leadership development practice. Although we have developed our own proprietary Coaching on Demand platform, we do not have a ‘SaaS mind set’ which places emphasis on transactions and processes, for us the clients, the coachees and the coaches come first.

Our culture is based on Quality, Value, Partnership and Innovation.

  • Quality is critical to our practice at a time where commoditisation of coaching is leading to a more transactional price-based approach.
  • Value, for us, is ensuring that the impact of our work leads to higher performance and results.
  • Partnership for us is about relationships, listening and developing solutions that work for our clients, coachees and coaches.
  • Innovation is our commitment to new ideas that advance coaching, leadership development and enhancement of performance. We developed and invested in our Coaching and Demand ourselves, one of the first platforms in the UK.
The coaching industry is undergoing complete transformation and Leadenhall has been a leader in the UK and Internationally. Pioneers in all aspects of coaching, leadership development and early innovators in online coaching via Coaching on Demand.

Leadenhall has it’s own proprietary Coaching Platform

An innovator in coaching practices and technology, Leadenhall developed Coaching on Demand in 2019 for launch in 2020.  It provides outstanding executive coaching, the kind of coaching that you would expect from a high-quality boutique coaching firm, with the convenience of an online platform.

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