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Robin Kermode – Communications Workshop 

by Samia Sharmin


We held a well-received workshop for our clients earlier this month with Robin Kermode as our guest speaker. Robin is a former actor who has specialised in communication coaching and has coached some of UK’s top business people and politicians.  His theme was how to communicate effectively to get your audience to listen. Whilst sharing his top tips, Robin created a great atmosphere providing insight on how to deliver your message in an impactful manner.

A speaker’s greatest tool is their voice. Amplifying your voice will not help your audience understand you, rather your clarity in speech is more important. You must also always understand the reason behind your speech and communicate in a logical manner.

Your voice is the most important part of your speech, having a strong, clear voice reflects a strong sense of who you are. Communication is an art; similar to the way a pianist would select specific notes to create a melody. A speaker will require certain qualities to deliver their message.  He asked all of the workshop participants to undertake an exercise which involved reciting Humpty Dumpty whilst keeping your tongue out throughout the recitation.  It was a sight to behold.  Apparently, if you do this several times a day for a couple of weeks your voice will deepen and have a stronger timbre.

Robin outlines three essential qualities required for communication:

Energy – ‘when speaking to your audience consciously lift your energy an extra 10% at the start’. A strong voice commands attention, by focusing on projecting your voice you ensure that everyone in the room can hear you. However, your energy is what will keep your audience focused. When you are energetic, and can demonstrate enthusiasm for your topic, your audience becomes energised and will be more likely to stay engaged.

Clarity – when you speak to your audience there should be clarity in your message and delivery. Your ability to deliver your message with clarity will help the audience understand what you are saying. Words are very powerful when used correctly. By conveying your message in a coherent manner, you help your audience remember what you have said.

Humanity – Robin really places importance on the audience. Your audience ‘want to feel engaged and valued’, and the way he recommends doing this is by showing the audience your humanity. When speaking using authentic and appropriate emotions will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

The points outlined will help you have a defined understanding of who you are and what message you are trying to convey, so when you speak, your audience will listen.

Should you have a need for a top-level communications coach, please do get in touch with us.  Robin also facilitates workshops on communications for employees at all levels and can work with those who have specific high importance presentations to give – pitches to clients, board and investor meetings.


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