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Team Re-Vitalise – Leadenhall’s Return To Work Coaching Programme

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Team Re-Vitalise 

The return to the office and new ways of working – leaders and teams are being expected take responsibility for finding the right solution for their team.  After 16 months of lockdowns and remote working, teams have not met face to face for a long time.  Indeed, many teams have new members join or have had members leave for other roles internally and externally.

It’s not been easy for leaders to maintain the esprit do corp alive over months of Zoom and Teams calls!  There is evidence that virtual teams have necessarily focused on the tactical response to the pandemic and had less opportunity to look at more strategic issues and it has been harder for teams to focus on collaboration and innovation.

How do leaders of teams navigate through the return to work minefield and get their teams functioning effectively?

The Team Re-vitalise approach is designed to support teams as they move into this next phase of returning to the office, integrating new working patterns and meeting the needs individual team members.

A Leadenhall Coach works with the leader of the team to ensure a smooth and successful transition to the post pandemic work environment.  It’s about a fresh start.

  • Re-discovering the core purpose of the team – objectives and goals and how it achieves results.
  • A chance to re-evaluate how the team works – meeting patterns, modus operandi and what practical steps to put in place to achieve high performance.
  • On a human level, it’s about re-discovering relationships, bonds and enjoying working face to face again.
  • Working out how to use technology to support the teams working and it’s activities, blending remote working with face to face working.


Coaches work closely with the team leader to understand how the team used to work, how it adapted to the pandemic and what the opportunities are going forward.  We listen to the leaders perspective on the companies approach to returning to the office, what needs to be achieved and how can the team work best to deliver those results in the new world that’s emerging taking into account the organisations approach to returning to the office and flexible working.


The coach then spend time with the team to understand their roles and how they work within the team.  We collect their views and perspectives either via a survey or through in-person interviews.  Confidentiality is respected at all times.


The coach facilitates a meeting or offsite (face to face or virtual) to explore ideas, develop options for effective team working in the new working environment.  We will introduce models for effective team work, discuss team roles and practical ideas for effective team meetings and teamwork.  The team will review priorities, agree goals and objectives with a view to making a successful start to the post-pandemic working environment.

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The ideas from the team meeting are then implemented in practice as the team experiments with new working patterns, meeting methods, new ways of working together and focuses on delivering results.


The team reviews progress on team working and new ways of working and makes any adjustments required to improve performance and team effectiveness.

The programme is designed to enable leaders and their teams to adapt quickly to the return to the office, clarify their new working arrangements, enhance team working and accelerate performance and deliver results.

The Team Re-Vitalise Programme is delivered by the Leadenhall Coaching Community. Like all our programmes they are fully bespoke to the needs of the client. It will also be delivered via our digital coaching platform: Coaching on Demand. Please contact us if you are interested in this or any other Leadenhall Service.