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What a difference a year makes!

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What a Difference a Year Makes!

This October – Leadenhall celebrated its 10th year, and what a year it has been!


Remember December 2020, a dark time, we were about to enter another severe lockdown and Christmas was looking bleak – here we are a year later, with similar issues but somehow it doesn’t seem to bad?

In 2021 how we live, work and interact with each other has completely changed, this especially applies in our industry where, social connection and the collaboration between people are the cornerstones of Human Resources. This year, to overcome this, we have had to learn and develop new tools and different behaviours. Which in turn has turbo charged the way the People Development is delivered, keeping up as been a constant challenge, but it has been well worth the effort, here is how and why:


Coaching has Changed

The coaching market has changed rapidly with technological changes and of course the impact of the pandemic.  It has become divided between the traditional coaching practices and the platform providers. The traditional coaching practices vary by sector, geography and quality/level of coaching and some are adapting to the new environment by using web conferencing and looking to buy or licence 3rd party delivery platforms.


We decided to create our own!

Our own – Coaching on Demand platform has now been operating commercially for 18 months providing a a digital coaching service to high quality clients.  Our investment in the platform has been crucial to ensuring we continue to fulfil the demands of the industry. We continue to invest and develop the service on a daily basis – directed by client and coachee demand.

However, saying that technology is important, but we believe that it is the quality of the coaching that is first and foremost.  We can provide and source outstanding C level suite credible coaches to provide excellent coaching at market competitive prices.


The New Market

The coaching platform provider market is being rapidly dominated by a few very large private equity backed firms which are looking to standardise the offering, use algorithms to select coaches, tend to have short coaching sessions (45 minutes) and are looking are for scalability and volume.  In general, they pay their coaches  modestly, which has helped by the growth in the number of coaches graduating from coach training programmes.  They are democratising and commoditising coaching which is a welcome extension of coaching to a much broader population of employees.


How do we fit in?

We represent something different.  Our purpose is to build the kind of coaching practice that we would have wanted to work with in our corporate careers.  We fund this ourselves and we care deeply about the coaching and our clients.  Ours, is an integrated coaching practice that provides high quality international coaches to high quality clients (see our client list).  We provide coaches using the full-service coaching model, via an online coaching platform and solutions that combine both (hybrid).

We reimagine senior leadership coaching through implementing a bespoke coaching platform, populated by great coaches, to deliver coaching to your employees at scale.

Our coaches are hand-picked and join a strong community.  We do not treat our associates as a number.  We gather regularly, provide supervision and encourage cross collaboration and support for each other.


Leadenhall and Coaching on Demand At a Glance

  • An established International Executive Coaching practice founded and led by experienced former HR Directors who are experienced qualified coaches committed to high quality executive coaching and client service.

  • We are not just a ‘platform provider’ we run a full-service coaching and leadership development practice. We develop bespoke solutions.
  • Hand-picked coaches who have business experience and the credibility to operate at C suite levels
  • We personally designed Coaching on Demand ourselves drawing on our experience of being a client, of coaching and being coached.
  • High touch client service from involving clients and coachees in selection of their coaches to responding to operational issues as they arise. We do not use AI for a reason.

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