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Case study: NED Board Coaching

We were invited to provide coaching to three newly appointed board members of an international professional membership organisation.

Given the nature of the organisation Board members could be relatively inexperienced and at earlier stages in their career than the traditional board members of corporations, for example. The purpose of the coaching was to provide support in the early months of joining the board and to accelerate the speed to becoming effective contributors. The coaching included:

  • The role of NED, governance and expectations of an NED
  • Exploring the possibilities of the board members three-year tenure.  What would the Board member like to realistically achieve during their tenure.
  • Relationships with otherboard members
  • Impact at theboard, constructive challenge,
  • Chairing or membership of sub-committees
  • Working effectively with the executives at the organisation – providing support
  • Critical friend
  • Using network and connections to support the organisation
  • Strategic thinking

The coaching proved to be very effective and has been extended to other board members and is provided to all new board members when they join.