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More than 20 active clients

Over 200 coachees registered

Over 300 hours of coaching and mentoring delivered


Up and running for more than 18 months – we look at the key features of our dynamic coaching platform Coaching on Demand and review how our clients are using and adapting it to suit their own coaching needs.


DESIGNED FOR COACHINGby those that have bought coaching, been coached and now coach

Our coaching platform is unique in that it has been thoughtfully designed and developed by former HR directors who have themselves bought and delivered coaching programmes, been coached themselves and are now senior level coaches.  This becomes very apparent when you use the platform.

NO AI (artificial intelligence) – handpicked, high-quality coaches

Many coaching platforms boast about their AI.  We don’t think AI has a place in coach selection unless price and standardisation is your objective.  Coach Selection – It’s a people thing. In a world filling up with different ways to deliver digital coaching we still believe that it is the quality of the coaching that is foremost in ensuring successful coaching programmes. We have kept it personal, a human input into coach selection with coach selection meetings with clients to ensure the best fit for the clients organisation and the assignment. (COD has the same high quality, experienced coaches who are the backbone of Leadenhall’s International Coaching Practice).

MANAGEMENT DATAtracking and measurement at your fingertips

Managing coaching programmes can be like herding cats!  The platform is designed to make life easier for HR professionals, giving access to real time data on progress of coaching programmes, whether it be coaching activity, coaching quality feedback and anonymised coaching themes. Coaching On Demand make sure that you can deliver great coaching assignments efficiently and affordably. Combined with our attentive client service, the platform takes all the leg work out of the set-up, delivery and evaluation of your coaching programmes.

BESPOKE PROGRAMMES – tailored and adapted

Flexible and intuitive, Coaching on Demand will adapt to your specific program needs, whether cohorts or topics, number of hours provided, duration of coaching sessions (from 45 minutes to 2 hours) the platform can be tailored to your requirements. Giving impact and focus to your coaching outcomes.

MANAGER GUIDANCE – direct and advise your candidates

A unique feature to Coaching on Demand is our Manager Guidance functionality.  The Coachees Manager (s) can be requested to input their perspective on the purpose and goals for the coaching assignment and this information is available to the Coachee and their Coach.  It can then be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching at the conclusion.

360 ASSESSMENTS – the essential feedback tool

Coaching on Demand has its very own 360 assessment tool, simple and straight forward, the platform automates the collection of feedback and collates into a concise ‘Stop, Start and Continue’ report to be used by coachees and coach to augment their sessions.



We are seeing our clients using the platform in many different ways.  For some, the online coaching is used in a similar way to a classic Executive Coaching assignment over six coaching meetings over a number of months but with the benefit of a lower price point and therefore more affordability.

However, some clients are experimenting with new models for coaching programmes often on a scale that would be impossible in the pre-digital age.

How two of our clients are using Coaching On Demand to provide coaching for all.


The founder of the Company wanted to build a thoroughly modern insurance firm unencumbered by the past. The firm uses slack internally, not email. It focuses on analytics and technology in its’ approach to underwriting.  It is experimenting with new people strategies to drive engagement, diversity and inclusion.

The UK HR Director approached us and said that they were giving all employees a budget of for investing in their own development via a ‘learning wallet’ and asked if we could provide some form of coaching provision.

We were able to offer a programme of four coaching sessions via Coaching on Demand to fit within this budget – coaching obtainable by all employees

We prepared some marketing material in support of the programme.  We set up a dummy account within the client’s existing zone on Coaching on Demand with a generic email and password which would enable employees to go into the platform and view the profiles of 20 coaches.   They would then request coaching, identifying the coach of their choice and we would then enter them as individuals onto the platform for their self directed coaching.


A new dynamic start-up has grown very quickly and wants to ensure an adoption of culture and themes across the company. The CEO and head of HR were keen to ensure that all employees received the required support via 1-1 coaching to help them along their journey.

Using Coaching on Demand they have made coaching available across the whole business. Each employee has an allocated number of hours they can use and select their own coach form a company selected panel of coaches.  We made coaching available to more than 100 employees across all levels of the business in several cohorts – truly making coaching accessible to all.

Traditional, Platform and Hybrid Coaching

We have several clients who are working with Leadenhall to provide a complete package of coaching services.  We provide traditional full-service coaching (now returning to face to face in many cases) for their more senior level assignments which may include personality assessments (Hogan) and 360 Feedback.  We also provide online coaching via Coaching on Demand for a broader spectrum of employees.  Where clients want additional services with Coaching on Demand, we have developed hybrid solutions – adding Manager briefing meetings, end of assignment review meetings etc to the core online coaching offering.

Coaching On Demand

If you would like to have a chat or have a look at the platform – please don’t hesitate to get in touch!