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Case study: All Employee Coaching

Our client is a fast-growing financial services firm with an entrepreneurial culture and a strong focus on people.

We initially worked with the organisation to provide Insights Discovery Personality Profile workshops for all their people to enable them to gain greater self-insight and greater insight into others in their team and in the organisation. We combined the personality profile workshops with a session on Feedback and Constructive Challenge to support the culture of open discussion, finding the best solution and continuous learning.

All employees were offered up to three coaching sessions which were initially focused on support for preparing goals and objectives for the year and then broadened to include:

  • Wellbeing and managing work pressures and domestic responsibilities
  • Leadership and management development
  • Relationships with manager, peers, colleagues and direct reports
  • Exploring career development
  • Taking on new responsibilities and career/job transitions
  • Exploring those difficult decisions that crop up during the year

We assisted the client on the communication of the programme. The coaching was voluntary and approximately two thirds of employees undertook work with a coach in year one. We contracted to a ‘pay as you go’ model.  We only charged for coaching that took place (not a subscription). The feedback from the coaching sessions via the feedback process was positive.  We undertook a statistical and thematic review (no additional cost), asking the 22 coaches for non-attributable observations on key organisational themes emerging from their work to help the company improve their culture and address some of the key issues that emerged. We see this approach as the true democratisation of coaching.