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Leadenhall’s Japanese Executive Coaching

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This month we have been focusing on Leadenhall’s rapidly growing presence in Asia, namely in Japan.

Leadenhall, through client request and our Associates’ research, has identified a real niche in demand. We are now offering a unique customised approach to coaching in Japan.

Leadenhall uses Japanese coaches to coach employees and to lead workshops on leadership, effectiveness in cross-cultural workplaces and women in leadership.  We have also implemented a Japanese interpretation of diversity and inclusion that is not a straight lift from the western model and focuses on what these things mean in a Japanese context.

At Leadenhall our hand-picked Japanese coaches, fluent in English; with considerable international experience in Asia and beyond;  bring a unique understanding of the challenges and proficiencies of working in this cross cultural workplace.  Leadenhall delivers one to one coaching and lead facilitated workshops for Japanese and non-Japanese executives for high quality international firms in the finance, consulting, technology and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our Coaching and leadership Programmes:

  • 1 on 1 and team coaching sessions (including 360 and feedback)
  • Alignment meetings with senior management,
  • Hogan/DISC assessment and debrief
  • Leadership development workshops (virtual and/or f2f)
  • A mutually beneficial combination of coaching sessions and workshops ensuring adoption and take up

Our Specialities:

  • Leading confidently and effectively in a cross-cultural workplace for both Japanese and expatriate executives
  • Coaching style leadership for building high-performing teams and managing virtual teams successfully
  • Effective 1-on-1 to motivate and empower your team member and stakeholders
  • Building a strong personal brand and executive presence to win in a global business environment
  • Creating a healthy and vibrant corporate culture by embracing diversity and inclusion
  • Supporting women leaders to maximize their potential and be at their best

Meet one of our highly talented Japanese Associates – Keiko Shinohara:

Profiles of two of our Executive Coaches in Japan

Keiko Bio

Yuri Bio

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