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Leadenhall have been helping organisations effectively assess and develop their leadership for over 10 years. Over that time there has been a significant shift in the how leaders are identified, assessed and what firms require in respect to leader’s skills and behaviours. Our commitment to continuous development together with the help of our closely engaged coaching community, ensures that our Leadership Development programmes are current and relevant.

CEO Chris Woodman explains more:

Leadership Development is Changing

There was a time when people were able to go on leadership development workshops for a week.  Then this reduced to a couple of days, then a day, then a half day and now a bite size workshop of an hour.  The advent of the internet led to the introduction of online learning which meant that costs could be reduced, and learners could undertake their learning at a time that worked for them.  Particularly useful for those compliance tutorials.   And of course, now we have LinkedIn Learning, which brings high quality training videos on a multiplicity of topics.

So, is that it?  A few bite size learning sessions, some online learning, maybe a few books and your leaders are ready for action?

There is another way.  Which is to invest in some thoughtful leadership development that combines personality profiling, core workshops in personal, professional and leadership development and individualised coaching.  Without breaking the budget.

One of the great things about the advent of coaching platforms like Coaching on Demand is that it is now both affordable and practical to combine leadership development workshops with one-to-one coaching.  This allows participants to take the learning from the workshop to their coaching sessions and focus on practical issues that are specific to their situation and role.

We have been designing and delivering leadership development workshops and programmes for over ten years.  Each programme is adapted to the needs of the client, but we have three core three building blocks:

  • ‘Knowing yourself, understanding others.’ We find that an initial workshop following the completion of a personality questionnaire enables participants to gain insight into their own preferences, understand what might be motivating others behaviour and how to be more effective in communicating and collaborating with others.  We tend to use Insights Discovery and Wiley’s DiSC for this purpose.
  • Our workshops are broadly divided into ‘Managing Yourself’, ‘Leading Others’, and ‘Influencing beyond my team’. There are also specific professional skills-based workshops.  Examples of our workshops include personal organisation, situational leadership, manager as coach, leading teams, feedback and performance, impact and influence and diversity and inclusion.
  • Individual or group coaching. We find that coaching, whether individually or in groups, brings the programme back into the workplace and reinforces the learning.  Individual coaching is provided by Coaching on Demand and group coaching is a facilitation of up to six leaders to explore key content from the programme as a group based on their experiences.

Our facilitators and coaches are all business experienced people who have managed teams themselves, all are qualified coaches and bring credibility to your workshops and coaching.   We work with everyone from first time leaders to experienced leaders and adapt our approach accordingly.

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