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Team Coaching at Leadenhall


We have delivered Team Coaching at Leadenhall since 2013, working collectively and individually with corporations, CEOs, Executive Teams, Leadership Teams and teams in general.

We’ve since developed our offering into a clearly defined approach which can be tailored to the needs our clients. At the core, we believe that team support involves exploration and co-creation of solutions, including both the relational and the practical and a combination of coaching and facilitation.

We work with the leader of the team to understand the purpose and goals of the team from their perspective.  The team leaders are also coached individually on their leadership throughout the process.

We typically explore the following questions:

We tailor the solution to the team using the building blocks below however, our process can be described as follows;

  • We spend time with the leader to understand what outcomes they’re looking for by embarking on a team coaching/facilitation process. We have a diagnostic tool that we use to explore the potential development areas.
  • We interview all members of the team confidentially to understand what the team does well, what they could do better and what the team is expected to achieve for the organisation (we also explore who are the key stakeholders and what their expectations are for the team (exploring the system).
  • (Option) All members of the team complete the Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team questionnaire (including DiSC) which provides information and data for the work with the team.
  • (Option). Hogan Personality Suite and Team Report.  We have found that for senior teams that are willing to invest in the Hogan Personality Suite, we can provide individual and team data that adds real value to the team coaching (example charts shown later).
  • The team coaching normally takes place over a year, ideally in line with the performance year, with a foundational workshop followed by three quarterly ‘offsite’ meetings.
  • The Foundational workshop normally takes place over two days and combines the coaching/development work with the ‘real work’ of the team: its goals, objectives and priorities and the subsequent workshops are one day in length.
  • The Foundational workshop includes non-attributable feedback from the confidential conversations. The workshop also focuses on Trust and Managing Conflict from the Lencioni model and explores the purpose, expectations from stakeholders and the key deliverables (results) for the performance year.
  • The subsequent workshops explore Commitment, Accountability and Results from the Lencioni model, reviews progress and includes further confidential interviews to explore progress and identify anything that might be holding the team back from being effective and high performing.

To have a further chat and hear more about our team coaching programmes drop us a line below.